Renie Gray
Renie Gray
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Renie Gray is a unique coach. She sees things in the world that no-one else sees: patterns, connections and systemic undercurrents. Gently challenging and provoking, she guides her clients into a deeper understanding of the network of people and forces affecting them. Once the dynamics are clear, she supports and provokes them to make decisions consistent with their (often unconscious) commitments. Renie is a wonderful resource to any leader who needs a greater awareness of their circumstances and an understanding of the choices available to them.
— Jim McNeish - Neish Consultancy
Renie (Gray) is supremely professional, wonderfully personable and truly supportive. (She’s also very funny!) But having worked with her for a number of months I have come to value three things in particular: her eyes, her heart and her questions!

Working with Renie is like trying on a pair of glasses clearer and stronger than anything you knew you were either possible or available. Renie has a unique capacity to see. She sees not only the proverbial ‘wood for the trees’, but also the vistas beyond, the root systems below and whole lot of what’s in between. But her seeing is always with heart, with belief and with the deepest respect. She challenges, she provokes, but she does both within a safe, non-judgemental environment of genuine care and kindness. And she has the remarkable capacity to gently ask the probing questions that land you right where you need to be to locate the understanding and agency required to move forward.

Working with Renie has been a brilliant investment into myself, into my business and into a more focussed and enjoyable future.
— Helen Johnson - Out of the Ark Music
Renie has an intuitive capability of understanding the dynamics of teams and organisations, when embarking on leadership conversations she causes you to get out of your problem & delve into the solution.
— Kirsty Mac - Leadership Styled